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April 2009

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ok im tired back home in a good mood my buddy's party was awsome
she finally got over her joeyphobia(no not the fear of clowns)
i just relived this is the awsomenessest anng icon ever i have (stole it from a friends lj XD sorry lulz)
ok how about the weirdest gif i ever seen at a b-day party a friend of mine he shows up a my best friends party late with a fish xD
he bought her a fish how lulzy is that he named him jupiter due to the fact when he saw me and her in the library at our school he opened a book about jupiter xD
(i just call the fish lil pimp cuz he is a 'catch' for the ladehs )
so like he wastes 30 hours(not really) picking out a bowl for the fish, spills a half gallon of water in the passanger side of his car
and almost kills jupiter due to his crazy antics so that was my hilight

all i have to say for joey is *clap clap* flameo sir..flameo ~_~



jupiter is a catcchhhhhhhh

dude apparently everybody died when joey walked in. (including me, though i played it off like a smooth mamajama wtf i'm never saying that again i promise)

so his stickam is gay as hell no im just kidding but you should see it i will show you one day -- and he says he is a fish geek which... i don't doubt. not at all.

why didn't you talk about the guy at the hibachi grill who was drunk on sake and going to make you drink it.

so many things

oh goodness so many things happened yesterday would take me 30 years to talk about xD but yeah (say mamma jamma mor often o;) so lyke the wole incedent was for the lawlz and you better fucking talk to joey at school tuesday ;/