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April 2009



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Apr. 25th, 2009

huh? what i miss?

so like... how come I didn't know that a new morning musume single came out ?
I find it very strange because i keep up with the news about when singles are coming out ,and when the CD will be on sale .
IDK makes me feel kinda lost xD . So like  Morning musume just came out with their 39th single "Shouganai Yumeoibito" and I'm
a little sad because i thought i heard a LinLin solo but of course Tsuku loves fucking with me so *sigh* no LinLin solo (not a big surprise)
its a nice song very pretty and the PV is awsome Idk has an elegant feel to it and I like that :).

Mar. 9th, 2009


HIBY WTF THIS SHIT?!?!?!111?1!132!

lyke omg wtf i don't know how people can support waterbender*what ever the fuck her numbers are*'s "artwork"
seriously  lyke they can't possibly think that she is not tracing and her and her "mature way of telling people off"
just makes me want to go find where the bitch lives and choke her seriously her ass kissers on DA need to stfu
a trillion people already proved to her shit was trace on top of all the bad photoshoping the story itself is complete
donkey vomit.I'm a multishipper and love zutara as a FANDOM but this crap of a OCC she has created ugghh makes me wish i wasn't into zutara or taang(by the way i love maiko more than zutara :D) turned my adorable ship into lots of bad photoshop fail D: The only think remotely related to avatar in her story is the character names and the fact that they can bend the elements (lawl katara bloodbending mai to death in DAYLIGHT) haha....

Like people always say , "a picture is worth a thousand words
i drew this in 5 minutes if she was a real artist she wold do a decent comic with real
art instead wasting time searching google for screencaps then the people wouldn't complain
Here is my reaction to HIBY (this shit story doesn't deserve acronyms)

Mar. 8th, 2009

Arts O:

So lyke study hall is like the most boring class ever spawned from the ass of Matoaca High School
i had an hour and 45 minutes left in my day bored as hell what do i do ATLA fanart of course :Pso lyke here et izCollapse )

Mar. 1st, 2009

YAY Riku Recovered!!!

well my hamster was suffering from wet tail poor little guy i nursed him back and he is back to his happy energetic self
and im happy i still have to give him hamster antibiotics (the vet told me that its banana flavor._.) he is a druggy ham who just can't wait to get his meds just because its banana flavored :P
i feed it to him with a little hamster size cough syrup spoon xD
well he's doing great he is now running on his wheel thing while enjoying some morning musume (son like mother :P)

Feb. 16th, 2009

I fucking hate my life

i hate everyone in my fucking house and i need to vent
first my dad yells at me for no fucking reason and my mom just sits back and lets it happen
what kind of fucking motheris she and i told her i didnt want him to be mad but he went off like a fucking asshole
my mom is unsupportive and ask me why i dont tell them shit hmmm? i wonder fucking why.
fucking hate them and i cant stop crying i hate it god my uncaring bitch of a mom and my fucking crazy unreasonable dad i hate it

Feb. 15th, 2009


ok im tired back home in a good mood my buddy's party was awsome
she finally got over her joeyphobia(no not the fear of clowns)
i just relived this is the awsomenessest anng icon ever i have (stole it from a friends lj XD sorry lulz)
ok how about the weirdest gif i ever seen at a b-day party a friend of mine he shows up a my best friends party late with a fish xD
he bought her a fish how lulzy is that he named him jupiter due to the fact when he saw me and her in the library at our school he opened a book about jupiter xD
(i just call the fish lil pimp cuz he is a 'catch' for the ladehs )
so like he wastes 30 hours(not really) picking out a bowl for the fish, spills a half gallon of water in the passanger side of his car
and almost kills jupiter due to his crazy antics so that was my hilight

all i have to say for joey is *clap clap* flameo sir..flameo ~_~

Feb. 13th, 2009

Complete BS

why the Anime Expo in my minds eye reeks of fail
all across the board.

Maybe this is jelousy speaking seeing as though i don't live in California but
why Preform for a group of Otaku's which majority can care less about Morning musume
not fair at all Ok. i can see it now most of the line ups of artist from Japan are Visual Kei artist for
Anime Expo but seriously Don't believe that most Die Heart MM fans like this idea of Moring musume
performing for DurHur Otakus i seriously think that america should have Wota cons xD
sounds dumb but i think it would make a whole lot of people happier
or even better Have a Morning Musume Tour in the USA good i would so melt if it happens.
but for now i just want to Find a gun with a single bullet and shoot my brains out because of this new flash update uuuugh.

on that note i gonna go hang my self since i dont live in Cali xD
good day

Nov. 23rd, 2008

La Di DA gifs

Laughter is Essental....

Nov. 22nd, 2008


I know i should be happy I recieved my Pepper Keibu CD in the mail yesterday but like im pissed.
OK part of it was my fault I like bought the CD off yesasia .com and the CD comes With a Bonus DVD.
Well when i went to play the DVD that i payed extra for Guess what. It said it couldnt play because of the region so now i have to wait til Xmas for a multi Region DVD player and im like panicing (LOL =_=;;;)
cuz it seems that every Morning Musume DVD i want This Xmas is like Region 3 or 2 DVDs and im in Region 1 (U.S.A and Canada region) so yeah....i feel stupid....but I must look on the bright side the DVD player off Amazon, the multi region one is for like only $27 including shipping and handling but its the cheapest one from sony so im happy!!!

Nov. 21st, 2008

why Sippy Cup???




stuff like:

Orange Juice
Grape Juice
Apple Juice

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